Science is a discipline that, because of its richness and complexity, may seem inaccessible and discouraging to study. However, when it is well taught, the knowledge that flows from it is a valuable aid in explaining many aspects of the world in which we live. Used properly, scientific knowledge can make life much easier!

At FaunENord, one of our commitments is to share our knowledge with audiences of all ages. This is why our specialists have been working since 2001 to make the biological sciences known to the people of Nord-du-Québec and to help implement them.

Organization and management of an eco-responsible event

This course is for those who wish to acquire all the knowledge necessary to organize and manage an eco-responsible event. The course takes a few hours to cover the basic principles of eco-responsibility, the types of objectives that can be set for this type of event and all the steps to be taken to achieve it.

For more information or to plan an activity, contact : Laurie Giroux , lgiroux@faunenord.org, 418-748-4441 ext 225

Orientation in a natural environment with GPS

This training is for people interested in learning how to use their GPS and get the most out of it when they go out into the forest. Given once a year, it spans a day combining theory in the morning and field practice in the afternoon, allowing for a complete learning experience.

For more information or to plan an activity, contact : Laurie Giroux , lgiroux@faunenord.org, 418-748-4441 ext 225

Non-timber forest products

Training on non-timber forest products (NTFPs), mainly wild mushrooms and edible plants, is adaptable to all those interested. Theoretical and practical, the training can last from a few hours to a week according to the needs and interests of the group for which it is made to measure.

It is also possible to do a field hike to gather NWFP without first studying the theory. Accompanied by our experienced staff, you will be able to see, pick and learn more about your favorite species - be it fungus, crab mushroom, matsutake or any other another species that interests you.

For more information or to plan an activity, contact : Jean-François Tremblay , jftremblay@faunenord.org, 418-748-4441 ext 224

Insects pollinators

This training aims to provide detailed information on pollinating insects, mainly about wild bees and all their characteristics. The utility of these insects for humans is explained, as well as how to attract them to participate in their protection.

For more information or to plan an activity, contact : Yan Gobeil, ygobeil@faunenord.org, 418-748-4441 ext 223


The ornithological classes are intended for all those who want to learn what species of birds are present in the region, how to recognize them and where to observe them.

For more information or to plan an activity, contact : Justine Drolet, justinedrolet@faunenord.org, 418-748-4441 ext 226

Waterfront property

This training was set up to help local waterfront owners take care of their waterways. It provides information on sound management practices of the waterfront, including a definition of the environment, the ecological consequences of certain types of development, laws, measures to be taken and good practices.

This training was initiated in 2015 through, among other things, the financial participation of the Hydro-Québec Foundation for the Environment and Environment Canada's National Wetland Conservation Fund. Given its success and its regional relevance, it remains available to both individuals and businesses.

For more information or to schedule a session,, contact : Yan Gobeil , ygobeil@faunenord.org, 418-748-4441 ext 223